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Flood insurance claims should be processed quickly, urges UK government

With the flood crisis continuing to affect the UK, the government is urging the insurance industry to deal with all flood claims as quickly as possible.

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North American News

Melting snow in Toronto could bring flooding

This week the Greater Toronto Area is set to emerge from a deep freeze. However the rising temperatures and melting snow present a high risk of flooding.

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South American News

Major Bolivian flood harmed thousands

A state of nation emergency was recently announced by the Bolivian government, after months of heavy rain caused severe flooding and landslides.

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European News

Aerial photos show devastation along the Thames in the UK.

The Mirror has posted some dramatic images showing the significant damage to homes along the Thames.

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African News

Avoidable flood deaths in Burundi

Building and planning code violations were largely to blame for the deaths in Burundi, along with torrential rain earlier this month.

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Asian News

4,000 victims of the Sabah floods have been moved to relief centres

4512 flood victims have been evacuated to 22 relief centres in Beaufort and Tenom.

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Australian News

Weather warning in place in South Australia, as floods follow record heat wave

A severe weather warning remains in place for parts of South Australia, as Adelaide has its wettest day in February since 1974.

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