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International News

Ironing out the last details of Flood Re

Industry and Government have been working tirelessly over the past 24 months to agree the replacement for the Statement of Principles which allows affordable flood cover for all.

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North American News

Flood insurance available in Canada for the first time

An insurer in Calgary is now providing flood insurance in the city.

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South American News

Floods force 13,000 people from their homes in the World Cup host state Parana

It is currently unclear if flooding has affected the Arena da Baixada stadium, which will host the first of its four games.

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European News

Flooding events influence UK climate views

A survey has shown: flooding, more than heat-related weather events, influence UK residents’ perceptions of the risk associated with climate change.

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African News

Floods as Storm Hits Cape Town

Squalo is one of the newest informal settlements on the Cape Flats and is situated in the dugout of a landfill site next to Mitchell’s Plain. Due to the geographical layout of the landscape, Squalo is very susceptible to flooding during torrential rains.

Asian News

China allocates 358 million yuan to flood-hit areas

China on Wednesday allocated 358 million yuan for flood relief work in Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangdong and Guizhou provinces.

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