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International News

Flooding sweeps the Balkans

Major floods in the Balkans have affected more than a million Bosnians and are the worst in the region since records began, 120 years ago.

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North American News

Torontonians help victims of the Balkan floods

A large group from the Serbian, Bosnian and Croatian community in Toronoto, Canada, have been working around the clock since Saturday sorting through donations of clothes, food, water, toiletries and baby supplies.

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South American News

Engineers without Borders are travelling to Bolivia

The team will scout for locations to drill a new well, continue to monitor current erosion control barriers, assess areas at risk of flooding and work to educate and train the local community to eventually pass responsibility of the distribution and storage system to the residents.

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European News

Britain’s on flood alert: Storms to bring nearly a month of rain in just one day

This week Britain was warned to brace for heavy thunderstorms and risk of flooding.

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African News

Namibia’s spring floods seen from space

The flooding satellite images come from NASA’s aqua satellite. Flood waters appear back against a background of green in the new satellite image.

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Asian News

Flooding hits Pakistan

Nine people are dead in North Waziristan due to heavy rain and flooding.

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Australian News

Australia pitches in to help Balkans flood victims

Serbians and Bosnians in Australia are rallying around relatives caught up in the devastating floods in the Balkans.

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