Global Flood News: More than 60 people killed by floods in Angola

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Global Flood News: More than 60 people killed by floods in Angola

floods in Angola march 2015

International News

Scores of homes destroyed and many people missing following floods in Angola

Local authorities in Angola have confirmed that severe floods have led to deaths of at least 62 people.

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North American News

Alberta government lacks capacity to assess flood risk

Although Alberta’s Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD) department produces “technically sound flood hazard maps,”, their flood maps are not always up to date and they lack the capacity to assess risk, according to Canada’s Office of the Auditor General. The assessment comes nearly 2 years after the region’s costliest flooding disaster.

South American News

80,000 evacuated after severe floods in Brazil

Weeks of heavy rain have caused the River Acre to burst its banks, with emergency services estimating at least 75,000 people in the state of Acre have been affected, and more in Bolivia and Peru.

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European News

Flooding affects Scottish highlands

Heavy rain in Scotland has caused a 100 tonne landslide and flooding on roads across parts of the Highlands.

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African News

Lives lost and roads damaged following floods in Tanzania

At least 38 people have lost their lives following severe floods in north-western Tanzania.

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Asian News

Researchers predict flooding in south Asia will cost $215 billion per year

River flooding will affect more people and cause significantly more damage by 2030, according to experts.

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Australian News

Council in Australia launch initiative to reduce flood impact

Toowoomba Regional Council has launched a multi-faceted program aimed at the long-term reduction and management of flood impacts across the region.

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