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New UK flood insurance subsidy is not ‘practical or fair’

British flooding insurance plans, which will see premiums in high risk areas subsidised by the rest of the country, are not “practical or fair” and will still leave some home owners uninsurable, industry experts have warned.

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North American News

Home insurance costs spike post-flood in Alberta

Large parts of southern Alberta were covered by floodwater nearly eight months ago. Now many residents are seeing the impact on their insurance bills.

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South American News

59 Deaths in Bolivia caused by severe rain and floods

Torrential rains and flooding that have lashed Bolivia for several weeks have taken 59 lives. More than 59,800 families have been affected and 100,000 cattle have died.

European News

Government’s £4m fund to dredge rivers in Somerset could only have ‘marginal’ effects on future flooding, experts warn

A government plan to begin the dredging of two rivers in the flooded Somerset Levels was taken without seeking the advice of senior engineers in charge of flood defences. The engineers not consulted believe that the £4 million project will bring only “marginal benefits”, it has emerged.

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African News

Zimbabwe flood rescue mission ended by Namibian Air Force

Three helicopters which were deployed to Zimbabwe on a flood rescue mission nearly two weeks ago have returned home after evacuating more than 600 stranded people.

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Asian News

11 killed in eastern Indonesia, by landslides and floods

11 people have been killed in floods and landslides in Indonesia’s eastern province of Papua.

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Australian News

Bangor bushfire, flooding clean-up continues

The clean-up in South Australia’s Southern Flinders Ranges and mid-north continues, after the Bangor bushfire and severe flooding more than a week ago.

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