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International News

Oxfam: Poorer areas in England at greatest risk of flooding

Winter floods hit well-off areas, however charity claims deprived places have been more likely to flood over last 25 years.

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North American News

Aviva Canada: More than half of all home insurance claims last year from water damage

The company paid out $190 million in water damage claims last year. Even without the Alberta and Toronto area events, 40% of all of Aviva Canada’s property claims would still have been made up by water damage.

South American News

20,000 affected by serious flooding in Brazil

The Madeira River in northern Brazil has burst its banks, causing 20,000 people to be affected by devastating floods.

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European News

Flood risk could impact UK property market

Research by Policy Expert reveals that almost 95 per cent of Brits wouldn’t even consider buying a home on a flood plain.

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African News

Text messages aim to save lives in flood-prone Africa

An early-warning system that aims to capitalise on the explosive growth of mobile phone penetration in Africa could soon be in place to broadcast alerts to all users at risk from natural disasters such as flooding or hurricanes.

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Asian News

India’s Brahmaputra River: ‘The flood waters are eating away at our land’

Flooding on the Brahmaputra has brought death, displacement and disease to what has become one of India’s poorest regions.

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Australian News

Man dies from being swept into a storm drain in Sydney

It was the only fatality of the storm, although two people were hit by lightning and a number of motorists has to be rescued from their cars in flash floods.

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