Global Flood News: Record floods in Brazil affect 300,000 in Amazonas

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Global Flood News: Record floods in Brazil affect 300,000 in Amazonas


International News

Floods in Brazil are one of the worst on record

Careiro da Varzea, in the Brazilian state of Amazonas, has been under water for over a month in what is understood to be one of the worst floods on record. Extreme flooding of this kind usually occurs in 10 year cycles, however rivers have overflowed significantly every year for the last three years.

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North American News

Satellite data predicts Missouri river floods

In 2011, a team of researchers studied satellite data prior to the Missouri River floods in the USA. Calculations taken by NASA’s GRACE satellites successfully predicted the amount of water saturating the earth five months before the floods occurred.

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South American News

18,000 people forced from homes by floods in Brazil

Brazil government recognizes states of emergency in 124 municipalities in the country’s southernmost state of Rio Grande do Sul.

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European News

The EU has donated over €65 million in emergency aid to flood hit Bosnia and Serbia

With €3 million sent directly to the worst affected people and €62m set aside for reconstruction efforts, the actions of the EU constitute the largest European civil protection intervention in Europe ever.

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African News

Nigeria launch national crop insurance following 2012 flooding

Nigeria is set to launch national crop insurance for farmers following the 2012 flooding which destroyed crops and farmlands leading to low productivity and severe food loss.

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Asian News

Weather warnings and help for farmers needed in Asia Pacific

Issuing timely warnings and providing possible help to farmers are especially important during an El Nino year like this one.

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Australian News

Australia’s epic scheme to farm its northern wilds

The government wants to dam northern rivers to create a giant food bowl – but no one knows how it will effect the environment or Indigenous people.

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