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International News

Deadly floods in Bosnia and Serbia

Following the severe floods in May 2014, which caused billions of euros in damage and affected nearly 2 million people, Bosnia and Serbia has been beset again by further severe flooding.

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North American News

Flash floods strand residents in California

Thunderstorms, heavy rain and flash floods hit parts of Southern California, stranding residents in the mountains east of Los Angeles.

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South American News

Hawaii prepares for two hurricanes

State officials in Hawaii are warning of the potential for flash floods, mudslides and power outages.

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African News

Sudan flood destroys thousands of homes

Over 6,000 families have been displaced in Sudan following flooding which has affected half of the country’s states.

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Asian News

Floods threaten southern China following earthquake

Landslides have created barrier lakes where water levels are rising and threaten around 800 residents in the impoverished Ludian county, Yunnan province, China.

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Australian News

North Queensland residents still affected by high insurance premiums

Liam Walsh for the Courier Mail reports on high insurance premiums caused by flooding and natural catastrophes.

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