Global Flood News: Severe floods in Missouri and the US midwest

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Global Flood News: Severe floods in Missouri and the US midwest

severe-floods-in-Missouri-and-the-US-mid west

International News

Severe floods swamp Missouri and Illinois

The American midwest has been hit by severe torrential rain causing major flooding in six states. Floods in Missouri and Illinois are among the worst as roads are closed and homes are threatened.

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North American News

Floods in Missouri: Safety on waterways is key

River levels in Missouri are expected to drop below flood stage today. Authorities continue to encourage safety around waterways so people don’t become complacent.

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European News

$2 billion in insurance losses caused by storm Ela

Storm Ela, which affeted large parts of Germany, France and other neighbouring countries last year, causing widespread flooding and damage, is estimated to have cost the insurance industry over $2bn.

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African News

Heavy rainfall causes flooding in Côte d’Ivoire

Recent heavy downpours and flooding in Côte d’Ivoire have killed dozens of people, washed away houses and once again highlighted poor disaster preparedness in the country’s largest city.

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Asian News

Floods in Philippines affect 100,000

In the past week, most villages of Datu Piang town in Maguindanao have been submerged in waters. In areas close to Rio Grande de Mindanao, the floods have reached waist level.

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Australian News

Queensland house prices rebound following floods

Homeowners in flood-prone but desirable suburbs shouldn’t fret about having to sell their properties for a loss.

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