Global Flood News: South London submerged by floods

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Global Flood News: South London submerged by floods


International News

Floods in London damage houses and submerge cars

South east London has faced the consequences of 10 days worth of heavy rain with severe floods affecting Greenwich, Lewisham, Peckham and Sydenham.

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North American News

Severe floods affect Long Island, New York

Floods have stranded drivers in Long Island, where more than a foot of rain fell overnight.

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South American News

Flood risk may threaten trade through Panama Canal

As extreme weather events create periods of flood and drought, they threaten the consistent water supply that Panama Canal needs to operate.

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European News

Floods in London are ‘biblical’ say London Fire Brigade

London Firefighters attending flooding incidents in south London have described the torrential downpours as ‘biblical’.

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African News

Heavy flooding in Sudan costs many lives

The Sudanese health ministry have confirmed that 77 people were killed and 227 others injured by the heavy rains and floods which recently affected large parts of the country.

Asian News

Heavy rainfall causes severe floods in south western China

Heaviest downpour since records began drops 305mm of rain in Nanchuan district in the space of three days, according to an official news agency.

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Australian News

Risk of flooding on Australia’s East coast

A forecast of heavy rain along Australia’s east coast has raised the risk of minor flooding in some areas early next week.

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