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International News

Dramatic video footage of UK floods documents scale of events

As the UK continues to struggle with the chaos caused by severe storms and floods, the BBC has compiled video footage documenting events over the last 10 days or so.

View the videos in full here.

North American News

$200 million set aside for disaster mitigation in Ottawa

Canada is the only G8 country without residential flood insurance coverage. The government is now being committed to consult with the provinces and industry on a “national approach to residential flood insurance in Canada and insurance issues arising from natural disasters more generally.”

Read the article in full here.

South American News

Argentina and Uruguay face heavy rain and flooding

Buenos Aires, Argentina, has faced heavy rainfall over the past few weeks and almost 17 inches (430mm) of rain has fallen since the start of the year. Across the border in Montevideo, Uruguay has seen nearly 20 inches (500mm) of rain since January 2014.

Read the article in full here

European News

Aerial images show wide-scale flooding of homes along the Thames

Aerial photography published by the Daily Mail shows the full extent of the impact of flooding to homes in the UK’s commuter belt.

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African News

The death toll from severe flooding hits 67 in Burundi

Flooding in three rivers in Bujumbura, devastated northern suburbs as homes and other infrastructures were swept away.

Read the article in full here.

Asian News

Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, braces for more floods into February

Jakarta is bracing for thunderstorms and more wet weather through February. Heavy rains have already flooded several areas.

Read the article in full here.

Australian News

Rain floods from Kimberley to Pilbara

Western Australia’s Pilbara is on flood watch as heavy rain and storms move west from the sodden Kimberley.

Read the article in full here

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