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International News

World Cup host city Manaus in state of emergency

Strong preventative measures are required to be put in place by the Brazilian host city, as the waters of an Amazon tributary swell.

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North American News

Alberta flood advisories available on the new app

Alberta has released a new phone app, which provides information about river and lake flows, as well as flooding notifications.

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South American News

Flood threat to Brazil’s host city doesn’t affect FA plans

The Football Association is not set to make any contingency plans, or special requests, following the flooding in Manaus.

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European News

Heavy rain brings flooding and travel chaos in the UK

Areas in the east of the country have already experience localised flooding, with more rain expected to fall in the next 48 hours.

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Asian News

Week of flooding has killed 37 people in Southern China

Flooding over the past week in southern china has killed 37 people, and 6 are left missing.

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Australian News

Flood relief continues in Bosnian and Serbian communities

In Perth, the various Serbian societies and churches are busy organising fundraising events to help with the aftermath of the flood.

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