Justin Butler attends Castle Debate on flooding

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Justin Butler attends Castle Debate on flooding

Dr Justin Butler, managing director of Ambiental, attended the 23rd Castle Debate in central London recently. The event, hosted by law firm Allen and Overy, highlighted the significant issues facing the UK and the globe on the issue of flooding.

Three guest speakers framed the key issues pertaining to science, law and policy. Speaking on science was Professor Paul Bates, Head of the School of Geographical Sciences at the University of Bristol. Professor Bates discussed how the majority of NatCat perils inflicting economic damage are caused by floods or storms. Speaking on law was Matthew Townsend, a Partner at Allen & Overy. Mr Townsend discussed the various statutes and acts pertaining to flooding and whether or not the complexity of these acts hinders the ability to manage flood risk effectively. Finally, Professor Edmund Penning-Rowsell OBE, from Middlesex University, talked about the policy framework under which flood risk is managed.

Following the guest speakers talks, the floor was opened to the public for questions. Justin Butler, posed the following question to Matthew Townsend: “Should conveyancing solicitors be playing a greater role in communicating flood risk to prospective property buyers?” You can listen to Justin’s question in full, and the answers delivered by the panel, by visiting the Castle Debates podcast page. Justin’s question begins at 1hr12m in the recording.

Listen to the Castle Debates podcast here.

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