Due Diligence

Minimising damage and losses caused by flooding

Our flood risk assessment services help businesses include detailed reports on the likelihood and extent of flooding on premises, grounds and surrounding areas. These can then be used for due diligence plans to reduce flood risk and develop response strategies.

Our flood risk assessment services can benefit due diligence for businesses by:

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  • Providing timely and cost-effective breakdowns of potential flooding risks
  • Delivering practical advice on minimising flood risk
  • Outlining suggestions for emergency response plans

What’s in our reports

Our detailed reports pull together the best available data for any given area, whether it’s our own or from a reliable third party. We’ll use our extensive knowledge and expertise to deliver:

  • A detailed evaluation of the likelihood and impact of flooding to the site and the surrounding area, including previous flooding history
  • Relevant photographs of the site taken by our consultants
  • A breakdown of any existing flood alleviation measures which may offer protection
  • Recommendations for flood resilience

Improving resilience and supporting business continuity

A comprehensive flood risk assessment for business continuity planning or due diligence typically provides businesses with a detailed evaluation of the likelihood, extent and impacts of flooding to the site and the surrounding area from river, tidal, groundwater and surface water. From this we can recommend ways to strengthen existing flood defence measures and take steps to increase your business’s resilience to flooding.

Types of business sites

We can assess the premises and surroundings of virtually any type of business. Some of the most common are:

  • Commercial (offices, stores, distribution centres)
  • Refineries and manufacturing plants
  • Server rooms
  • Shopping malls
  • Leisure (hotels, restaurants, cinemas)
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Benefits for due diligence

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  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Protect stock, property and other assets
  • Comply fully with health and safety regulations
  • Make your business more resilient against the effects of flooding
  • Maintain peace of mind that staff and residents are aware of any potential flood risk and mitigation strategies

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The Bank of England

The Bank of England

The Bank of England is only one of a number of key London sites at risk of flash flooding caused by surface water. We looked at a few other commercial and residential sites at risk, despite being far from any water courses.

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Solar farm, Gloucestershire

Solar Farm, Gloucestershire

Even in a low-risk flood zone, changing the land use can alter infiltration and cause concerns for local residents and the Environment Agency. A new solar farm in Gloucestershire needed to show they wouldn’t increase flood risk.

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Our data, modelling software and expertise are trusted by leading national and international insurers and agencies such as the World Bank, Inter American Bank and International Governments.

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