Flood Risk Assessments for Government Agencies

Flood Risk Assessments for Government Agencies

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Helping internal and external government agencies gain a better understanding of flood risk

We work with government agencies to provide insight and practical advice with regards to flood risk and its effects. Accurate advice on the potential effects of flooding in designated areas helps to optimise spending on flood management and improve safety – it can save billions of pounds and thousands of lives.

Our flood risk assessment reports are used to inform infrastructure planning, emergency response, and climate change adaptation while helping to meet planning and compliance obligations.

Our flood risk consultancy service offers a range of services to governments and development organisations including:

  • Full and detailed reports based on the latest available data to assess flood risk to lives and property
  • Plans for improving infrastructure to cope with a range of potential flood scenarios
  • Disaster risk and emergency response assessments
  • Prioritisation plans for implementing works to reduce flood risk and minimise damage

Helping you be more agile in your response to flood risk

As a highly specialised team we can help with both rapid assessments and in-depth research that supports decision-making around flood risk. Our flexible, robust flood modelling software provides highly accurate data in easily digestible forms. This means we can develop and customise models relatively quickly, and use them to answer specific questions. This helps our clients be far more agile and responsive in making decisions that can protect people and infrastructure.

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Our flood risk consultancy service benefits governments and development organisations by helping them to:

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  • Understand flood mechanisms, vulnerability, and flood risk
  • Assess the potential impact of climate change on communities and infrastructure
  • Prioritise plans to reduce flood risk and minimise damage
  • Improve the resilience of new and existing infrastructure to flooding
  • Improve emergency response through real-time flood forecasting and warning systems
  • Secure funding to support investment programmes
case study Ibadan Nigeria

Ibadan, Nigeria

The World Bank tasked us with identifying short, medium, and long-term measures to urgently help reduce flood risk in Ibadan, Nigeria and thereby reduce the cost of flood damage.

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case study Dead Sea, Israel

Dead Sea, Israel

Rising water levels in the Dead Sea are a cause for concern for the region’s infrastructure. To protect the local industry and communities we worked to identify the risks and conduct a cost-benefit analysis of risk reduction strategies.

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“Ambiental provide the support, advice and tools to enable Sector Specialists to appraise rapidly new loan applications by identifying, and quantifying the nature, extent and location of key flooding risks, as well as measures which can be put in place to reduce these risks.”

World Bank

Steven Brown Ambiental Associate

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