Flood Risk Assessments for UK Planning

Flood Risk Assessments for UK Planning

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We can provide flood risk assessments (FRAs) to planners, developers, and conveyancers throughout the UK.

As a specialist flood and environmental risk consultancy, we provide a full range of services to test, collate, and submit a flood risk assessment for UK planning applications. We can work with any size of development and our experience with submitting planning proposals to local and national planning authorities saves you time and money as we know exactly what they’re looking for.

Flood risk assessments are now a requirement for any site over one hectare, or any development planned for a Zone 2 or Zone 3 flood risk area. This is where our level of knowledge and experience will really be helpful - we support developers every day to get their planning approved in flood risk areas.

We can help you fully understand your flood risks, meet your planning application requirements, and recommend strategies to address complex flood risks that could stand in the way of you getting planning approval.

Our flood risk services can help you:

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  • Reduce costs associated with planning delays and design changes
  • Speed up the planning process through improved communication with the Environment Agency and local planning authorities
  • Improve your chances of securing planning permission

How we can support your high flood risk development

We tailor all of our flood risk assessments and associated services to your requirements. Each report or assessment will address the specific issues or requirements that your local planning authority might have so you can be sure you’re covering every necessary base.

The services that we frequently undertake and are therefore very experienced in are:

  • Flood risk assessment for planning applications
  • 1D and 2D computational flood modelling to support planning applications
  • Groundwater flood risk assessments or basement impact assessments
  • Sequential and exception testing
  • Surface water drainage strategies
  • Flood response plans
  • Groundwater flood risk and basement impact assessments
  • Advice on flood defences and flood risk management
  • Reports to gain credits for BREEAM environmental accreditation
  • Surface water drainage strategies, flood response, flood warning and evacuation plans
  • Attendance at Committee and Appeal as and when required

Benefits for planning applications

The benefits of using Ambiental Environmental Assessment for your planning application FRA

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  • A highly experienced and responsive team that are happy to answer any questions you may have along the way
  • Internal ICE Engineers on hand should any issues come up and new designs need to be proposed
  • Great relationships with the Environmental Agency and local planning authorities for rapid report turnaround
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