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We offer a range of environmental surveys and assessments to support planning applications in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

We use flood risk assessments, sustainable drainage strategies and ecology surveys to support your UK planning application. Our in-depth knowledge supported by our ICE engineers, along with our in-depth survey data, provides recommendations for build, supported by our robust understanding of the National Policies (within the UK), Regional Policies and Nature Conservation Legislation relating to development.

Environmental assessments and surveys available are:

  • Flood Risk Assessments
  • Drainage and SuDS
  • Civil Engineering
  • Ecology surveys

Flood Risk Assessments

We generate flood risk assessments (FRA) to meet both basic planning application requirements and to help address complex flood risks that could stand in the way of your planning approval. Our expertise expands to supporting projects from conceptual stage through to completion and we can support most if not all projects at any stage.

Drainage and SuDS

A sustainable drainage strategy (SuDS) is a report into how surface water, usually caused by rain, affects a site and the surrounding area. By getting a drainage strategy early in the development process you can avoid the costs of later design changes and additional planning applications.

Civil Engineering

Our expertise can support your project with calculations, desk-based studies, drainage and road design including detailed drawings for a diverse range of sectors. We can’t directly support structural design and construction works, but we know people who can – just ask us for a recommendation. Our Civil Engineering services include:

  • Scheme design and detailing of drainage, flood risk and roads to support planning applications
  • Site visits from our ICE Engineers and supporting consultants
  • Designs up to tender, building regulations and construction stages

Ecology surveys

Our ecology surveys identify any ecological constraints to developing a site and help you get planning permission by proposing practical measures that will preserve important habitats and encourage biodiversity.

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Benefits of environmental assessments and surveys

  • Obtain planning permission where environmental concerns have been cited
  • Reduce costs associated with rejected planning applications
  • Gain environmental credits and associated benefits for your development

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