Looking for flood risk data solutions?

We can help you gain environmental credits with detailed, highly accurate flood risk reports

Getting your development accredited as sustainable and environmentally conscious can have a number of benefits. Our flood risk reports can be tailored for use in specific applications for national standard environmental accreditations using the BREEAM codes for commercial, new construction and residential developments.

Our flood risk services can help you

  • Gain nationally recognised credits for environmental sustainability
  • Achieve BREEAM certification
  • Demonstrate your commitment to the environment
  • Meet compliance legislation for environmental development

How we can help with environmental credits

We can assess the risk to your site, advise you on any potential design issues and compile a tailored risk assessment report. This can include analysis and calculations for the flood risk assessment and surface run-off assessment components of BREEAM.

Environmental requirement for developments in high flood risk areas

For BREEAM, the Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) for the planning application must satisfy the local planning authority and statutory body that the development is designed to deal efficiently with surface water run-off to reduce the risk of localised flooding.

Environmental requirement for developments in low flood risk areas

The development must allow for safe access and escape routes if it floods, and has used construction methods that will be resilient to flooding.


How long does a Flood Risk Assessment take?

We liaise with the Environment Agency or relevant governing body to obtain a better understanding of flood and seek to obtain detailed data associated with your enquiry. Once we get the relevant data, we conduct analysis through GIS. Each project is reviewed by a team of qualified professionals. Based on the findings of the analysis we’ll review the results with you and examine how the design proposals or asset may be at risk of flooding before we proceed.

The EA has a statutory 20 working day turnaround for all enquiries, including data. On occasion, we can achieve a quicker turnaround depending on the EA’s workload in your area.

A fast-track report

Tight timescale? No problem. We can complete a fast-track flood risk assessment to help get your planning application validated, and then complete the full assessment and report when we have all the data from the relevant agency.

Our flood risk services form a vital part of the environmental accreditations process by

  • Making the right decisions regarding environmental development
  • Reassuring clients and customers that you’re meeting requirements for environmental sustainability
  • Meeting compliance requirements and demonstrate your commitment to the environment

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