Flood Risk Assessment for Property Insurance

Flood Risk Assessment for Property Insurance

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A flood risk assessment can provide an insurer with a site-specific risk assessment to help reduce insurance premiums or secure cover.

If a property has flooded before, or a site has been identified as being at high risk of flooding, it can be difficult to secure affordable insurance cover. By investing in a flood risk assessment, you can provide evidence of flooding history and potential flooding sources to an insurer to help reduce your insurance premium or secure cover for the property.

This can be used for an individual home, a development, or a business.

Our flood risk services can help you with your insurance by:

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  • Giving you a better understanding of your insurance obligations relating to flooding
  • Meeting requests from insurances regarding the potential of flooding in and around your property
  • Making plans to reduce your liability with regard to flooding

How we compile flood risk assessments for insurers

To create a flood risk assessment report for insurers we gather and analyse data and all the available information about the site. This could include data from the Environment Agency (if required), or our own proprietary flood data generated using Flowroute-i™.

Designed specifically to simulate river, tidal and surface water floodplain dynamics in complex urban and rural areas, Flowroute-i™ is an exceptionally flexible and powerful model. It enables rapid and stable simulation of complex river, coastal, and surface water flood flows. This delivers accurate depth and velocity modelling.

We would then be able to evaluate the likelihood and extent of flooding over a set period (eg the next 10, 50 or 100 years).

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What will the report include?

Each FRA is tailored to the specific site, however they will typically include:

  • An evaluation of the likelihood, extent and impacts of flooding to the site and the surrounding area from river, tidal, surface, and groundwater
  • Analysis of past flood events and their likely mechanism
  • Recommendations for flood resilience and mitigation measures, if required

How long will it take to get an FRA for my insurer?

As we use our own high-resolution, high-accuracy flood risk modelling, we can produce flood risk assessment reports for insurers quickly and efficiently – usually within 20 days. We don’t need to wait for Environment Agency data – unless the insurance company or assessor has requested it specifically.

We can meet most reasonable deadlines – just tell us of any urgency when you get in touch and we’ll let you know if it’s possible. Each project is different, and in some instances, especially if EA data is required (which usually takes 20 working days to aquire), a longer timeframe may be necessary.


Our data, modelling software, and expertise are trusted by leading national and international insurers and agencies. Our previous clients include the World Bank, Inter American Bank, and International Governments.

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