Solar Farm, Gloucestershire

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Solar Farm, Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire Solar Farm gets planning approval with Ambiental

Solar Farm, Gloucestershire

The Problem

Our client was applying to develop a new solar farm on an agricultural site of approx. 7ha. The application involved installing an array of photo voltaic panels, transformation enclosures and other associated infrastructure including cabling and security fencing.

Whilst the site is outside the flood outlines for the brook to the west, local residents were concerned after experiencing recent flooding associated with the tributary that flows along the eastern site boundary.

Also, the Environment Agency had objected to the development and our client needed to find a solution. The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requires all sites over 1ha involved in planning applications to have a Flood Risk Assessment.

The Solution

Ambiental reviewed the flood risk on the site and concluded that, following the NPPF guidelines, the proposed development ought to be suitable and allowed assuming flood mitigation measures are installed and properly maintained.

Recommended flood mitigation measures included:

  • Apply a sequential approach and locate the development outside Flood Zone 2 & 3 outlines
  • No development within 8m of any watercourses
  • No new hard surfaced roads within the site

The Outcome

The Environment Agency removed their objections and planning approval was secured.

Steven Brown Ambiental Associate

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