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If you’re asking yourself what is a Flood Risk Assessment (FRA), then this is the blog for you. An FRA takes into account the risk and impact of flooding on the site, and takes into consideration how the development may affect flooding in the local area. It also provides recommendations as to how the risk of flooding to the development can be mitigated.


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At its most simple level a FRA can provide an indication of whether a development will be allowed to take place at a site. In order to understand this a FRA should take into account information about the existing and proposed development, the Environment Agency modeled flood levels and topographic levels on site.

FRAs consist of a detailed analysis of available data of flood risk at an individual site and can also recommend to the developer any flood mitigation measures. More analysis of flood risk can be achieved through detailed flood modeling, to account for highly localised variations, which the Environment Agency’s flood zones may not take account of.

FRAs should also consider flooding from all sources including pluvial (surface water from rainfall) fluvial (river flooding), groundwater, estuary/coastal and sewer flooding.

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